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The Superheroes Among Us

Young children live in the “now”, can we learn from them? Continue reading

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Dreams Walking in Broad Daylight

. . . dreams walking in broad daylightThree hundred, sixty five degreesBurning down the house. “Burning Down the House”, songwriters: David Byrne, Christopher Frantz, Martina Weymouth, Jerry Harrison Seeing the world through the eyes of a baby or toddler is … Continue reading

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The Wisdom That Does Not Cry

Wisdom is not a monopoly held only by adults. There is so much we can learn from the deep wisdom of very young children. May we stoop from our greater height, bend our ear close, and listen. Continue reading

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Ode to Little Man

I have a dark-eyed, adorable obsession: the Little Man who a month ago was born into our lives. Last year my son Justin married the love of his life Tracy. From their love, has come their son Lincoln, the already … Continue reading

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