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Our Free-range Pet Spider

You can say it is a stretch to have a pet spider who comes and goes has he (or she) pleases. But no matter how strange it sounds, we apparently have drawn into our home a tiny, webless, very comfortable … Continue reading

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My favorite wedding photo ever!

Ok, this is a famous quarterback’s wedding photo. But it is still a really funny and fabulous shot. This is one of Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco’s wedding photo with his amazing “center” Dana delivering the wedding bouquet. Love the … Continue reading

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Zero Dark Ice Storm

Yes, my hometown of Knoxville continues to have one enterprising weather system after another in my least favorite month of the year: January. We have had 75 degrees, the freaky and fast-moving snowstorm that proved that some Knoxvillians can indeed … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, blog!

In this first post, I’d like to thank the friends who have been nagging me for years to create a blog. A big thanks to Nanci and Bri who have encouraged me to share my movie reviews, ideas, and creative … Continue reading

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Don’t play what…

Don’t play what is there. Play what’s not there. Miles Davis

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