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A Man of Value

Values over riches, people over things: remembering my father and dealing with the grief. Continue reading

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Coming Home to Myself

For the ones who had a notion,A notion deep inside,That it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive . . . Bruce Springsteen, “Badlands”, 1977 A few months before Bruce Springsteen wrote his elegaic anthem “Badlands”, I left my … Continue reading

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The Day the Music Lived

Buddy Holly’s quintessentially American music could have died with him in a plane crash in 1959. But the power of his idiosyncratic genius lives on. Our music is what defines us and our music is what saves us. Continue reading

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Under the Influence

A possible way forward in the middle of turmoil and strife: adventure, balance, curiosity, dreams, education, and being found together. Continue reading

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Daddy’s Mountain Roots

Since my father passed away in early December last year, I have been considering what tree I should plant to celebrate the person he was, in gratitude for the life and values he gave me, and to remember the unconditional … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Last Vote

When I was a child in the early 1960s, my world was a fog of (1) trying to figure out the inexplicable behavior of the adults around me, (2) hoping to discern what they wanted me to do, and (3) … Continue reading

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Our Corner That Keeps Flapping Around

Nearly twenty years ago, my father Roy Allen retired at the age of 62. Daddy’s passions were (1) his family (especially his fellow sports maniac, his grandson Justin), (2) Lady Vol basketball, (3) New York Yankees baseball, and (4) traveling … Continue reading

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Work is a Kind of Love

~ wrote Marilyn Monroe in her recently discovered journal While watching the HBO documentary “Love, Marilyn”, my husband Kurt and I were surprised to hear the depth of the intelligence and insight found in Marilyn Monroe’s private thoughts as she … Continue reading

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Grace’s Son, Tom Parkhill

When I was growing up in East Tennessee just across the river from downtown in South Knoxville, I went to school with a rather extraordinary guy named Tom Parkhill. Our parents were friends so we would occasionally go over to … Continue reading

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The Cure for the Pain

By some peculiar alchemy of dementia, there are flashes of light¬†when the seeming blindness of Daddy’s soul and withdrawal from everything around him subside. At those moments,¬†there is a window to Daddy who is occasionally still there in his once … Continue reading

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