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A Man of Value

Values over riches, people over things: remembering my father and dealing with the grief. Continue reading

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Blooming Out of Season

Nearly a decade ago I planted two camellias in container pots just outside the front door of our home. I never thought they would live for long–in containers, mind you– in the mercurial climate of East Tennessee. But my sister, … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Mountain Roots

Since my father passed away in early December last year, I have been considering what tree I should plant to celebrate the person he was, in gratitude for the life and values he gave me, and to remember the unconditional … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Laura and Tom Parkhill

On Saturday, April 23, my photographer husband Kurt and I were ever-so-fortunate to capture love at its most rapturous when our friend Tom Parkhill married the love of his life, Laura Regis. Yes, gentle blog readers, you heard me right: … Continue reading

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Caught a Long Wind

As Dickens wrote in his 1859 novel A Tale of Two Cities about London and Paris during the French Revolution of the late 1770s: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, … Continue reading

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More Than Enough

For all those of you who believe your life is over when you turn 30 or 40 or 50, I have a secret for you: I have passed those milestones and have never been happier, looked better, enjoyed life more, … Continue reading

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My Hand, Always in Daddy’s Glove

In his black-and-gray herringbone coat with his bitten-short fingernails, Daddy would come through the door after work. That is my first hazy memory from childhood. I am not sure why I remember Daddy’s coat and his nails as the same … Continue reading

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Losing Our Religion in the Wild Cow

In January of this year, my husband Kurt and I visited the fiercely happening metropolis of Nashville, Tennessee. As we waited for our food at a little vegetarian eaterie in East Nashville called the Wild Cow, REM’s classic “Losing My Religion”, … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, blog!

In this first post, I’d like to thank the friends who have been nagging me for years to create a blog. A big thanks to Nanci and Bri who have encouraged me to share my movie reviews, ideas, and creative … Continue reading

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