Dreams Walking in Broad Daylight

. . . dreams walking in broad daylight
Three hundred, sixty five degrees
Burning down the house.

“Burning Down the House”, songwriters: David Byrne, Christopher Frantz, Martina Weymouth, Jerry Harrison

Seeing the world through the eyes of a baby or toddler is to find magic in every raindrop and bubble that floats past. What is real, what is fantasy? If we look with their eyes, the world reimagines itself with each new life, with each new day.

In David Byrne’s American Utopia, he says research shows that:

Babies’ brains have more neurons than adults’ brains. We lose the ones we don’t think we need.

David Byrne, American Utopia

After spending the last few years with infants and then toddlers, it is not hard for me to believe that babies and children come into this world with an essential wisdom we would do well to heed:

~ Simple joys are the best.

~ Laughter is the right answer for everything delightful that happens.

~ Run, run, run, in circles. Sometimes with your sister, sometimes by yourself.

~ Sand is wonderfully malleable. Shape things around you to your heart’s desire.

~ When you are in water and you cannot swim, ask for help from someone you trust to hold your head above water.

~ If things get scary, seek out those who love you best.

~ Dance to your favorite song, even if a song is not playing.

~ Keep your eyes open for the wonder and discover.

~ Anything that looks remotely like a flower, is a flower.

~ Sometimes you can chase the bright, shiny bubbles that come your way and catch them.

~ Climb higher than you have climbed before, say “Whee”, let go, and fall back into the arms of someone you love.

~ Choose joy over fear.

~ And red boots are fine to be worn at any age!

~ Anna – 6/30/2021

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4 Responses to Dreams Walking in Broad Daylight

  1. dbb1957 says:

    This describes joy! Yes…to seeing things through the eyes of a child!

  2. Kurt Weiss says:

    It is hard to put into words the joy that the Lincoln and Penny bring to my life. The feeling of happiness just wells up inside me when I am thinking of or with them. They are both angels sent straight from heaven!

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