About me


I am inspired by everyday things, creative design, books, music, movies, growing things, and–most of all–people. People I know, people who lived long ago, and the people who now live only in my imagination, such as my grandparents or people I meet in books.

This blog contains my reviews, thoughts, opinions, and ideas formed and altered by all my influences and life as I have lived it.

I am inspired by refashioning found objects to make something new. Welcome.

2 Responses to About me

  1. james zell says:

    I’ve been doing research regarding sex crimes in Colorado and have been following the Downsbrough case. I also find it curious that he was able to secure a stay at a low security prison. As a co-worker, did he ever talk about Colorado or friends that he has there??? I would appreciate any information you could share….thanks

    • aamontgomery says:

      I never heard Bruce say anything about friends he had in Colorado. And I never heard any of my co-workers report that Bruce had talked about friends he had there. I know he used to work at the University of Colorado, Boulder, before he came to the University of Tennessee, and he had co-workers there. I have a friend who worked with Bruce at UC Boulder and she said their former co-workers were surprised to hear of Bruce’s arrest and the charges against him. Bruce’s lawyer said he wanted to be incarcerated in Colorado to be close to family and friends, but his brother lives in Pennsylvania and testified in court that he is not close to Bruce.

      Many times Bruce complained of the hot, humid weather in Tennessee, and he must have preferred Colorado since that is where he built his home which was completed a few years ago while he also had a condo here in Knoxville. He testified that he has been living in Colorado approximately 10 days a month for the last few years, which is interesting since he was working as the COO of the UT Foundation during that time period. I imagine his money and connections were able to secure him a minimum-security berth, and I would not be at all surprised if he only serves half or less of his 10-year sentence. Sadly money and position make the difference in our justice system.

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