A Blue Moon Easter Eve

I haven’t written a blogpost since January because the last two months have been a blur of  packing, downsizing, moving, and all the details that such a nightmarish task entails. At times we have wondered if we should have left well enough alone and stayed in a neighborhood where we never quite fit in, but where there was room for all the stuff we have accumulated over the past 15 years.

Goodwill could power a whole store with all the items we donated to them on a daily basis throughout February and March. The friendly women who helped us with our boxes at the drop-off door probably decided we were crazy to have so much stuff and to be ever-so-willing to get rid of some much of it. Freedom is less stuff to drag around through life–or at least that’s my motto.

Despite the exhaustion from the devastating effort of this move, our new home in the Old North Knox neighborhood of Knoxville is indeed a neighborhood. We have already been welcomed by our a host of our neighbors in a way we never were in our former, more suburban, home in the West Knoxville area. Here we have sidewalks, a park nearly across the street from our house, and a market as well as a whole host of businesses and restaurants within easy walking distance. We finally feel we are home.

However, there is no time for a long post so late on Easter Eve, so tonight I send you, my loyal blog followers, a photo of the metal, garden art goat that found a new look for the annual Easter Egg Sale at Stanley’s Greenhouse today. This goat reminds us that once in a blue moon (and yes, I read in today’s paper that a blue moon was visible sometime today–and there will not be another one till 2020) magical things can happen on Easter Eve. Such as? Feeling at home, as well as finding a pink Easter egg inexplicably placed between your horns.

The metal garden art goat (ceremoniously and unceremoniously) decked out for the annual Easter Egg Sale today at Stanley’s Greenhouse.






// Anna ~ 3/31/2018




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