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Birds a la Hitchcock, Ballanchine, and Boogaloo

On Wednesday I woke up and looked out our front door to find snow, ice, and swarms of birds (and I mean hundreds, not just a tweeting few) raucously flip-flapping as if they were reenacting a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s … Continue reading

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One Determined Bird’s Happy Dance

Our frontyard Foster holly tree is home to mockingbirds, and our backyard has a very determined bachelor bird who thinks he has found a mate in our mirrored gazing ball. I have seen documentaries featuring male birds who do very … Continue reading

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Breaking the Code

The other night I was watching a particularly ingenious, forgive the phrase, network television program, (yes, unlike some of my friends, I do watch television from time to time, i.e., most nights) that will remain nameless (Elementary) and I began gathering epiphanies in … Continue reading

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